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100 Buissnes Cards
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(641) Laminated Colour: $85.00

(642) Black & White:     $45.00

Postage and handling
is included in prices listed above.


Prepaid Phone Networks
Your Mobile Number:

Bonus: every 11th recharger will win $30 credit!
Conditions Apply: receiving pin may take upto
3-4 hours & not refundable.


Get images & sounds Transferred
to & from your Mobile Phone.

Once payment is received we will e-mail
you a link where you can attach files
and send them to us. we will then send
them via mobile multimedia message.

Formats you can use: MP3, Midi, Jpg and Avi
*your Phone must be able to receive multimedia Messages*
(include e-mail address and mobile number).

Code number [0000]

Price $1.50










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