Assistant Director John Haydon (Guest Book)

Post 09 Nov 2010 8:33 pm

Assistant Director John Haydon (Guest Book)

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Post 09 Nov 2010 9:48 pm

Name: Rita
City/Country: Adelaide
Comments: Hi John, I'm a friend of EJ. It's great you are both into such great careers. My Father and Stepfather were into making movies and photography, so I have an appreciation for your work. My Father also did trick photography. Your work brings back so many memories. I wish you both all the very best in your careers. Btw, don't let EJ get all the gals. He has enough chasing him already. Time to let them chase you, too, John! Tell EJ not to be so Greedy. LOL

Tuesday 10/23/2007 2:02:30pm
Name: Jess
City/Country: Australia NSW
Comments: Your character in team orion was well played. I think he puts up with the rest of the team really well considering he isn’t familiar with them. I love the idea of his race being warriors but peaceful ones. Love your work john

Saturday 02/10/2007 11:06:49pm
Name: Graham Morris
City/Country: AUSTRALIA
Comments: Hey John

GR8 2 catch up FANTASTIC 21st Dont b a stranger keep in contact FANTASTIC Website



Thursday 08/31/2006 10:33:58am
Name: Monica
City/Country: USA
Comments: Hi John. I think you did a great job on the Set of Team Orion as an actor and Assistant Director. Looking at your profile it seems that you have come a long way with your acting and have also just like Edward opened up your skills to new things.

Friday 07/14/2006 4:11:11am
Comments: aii dont knowu lol but thought i would say g-day n u look like a fine chap! all the girls seem to write notes to ej so thought i would write one to u...hope ya got a big smile on ya face now lol.......if not i still tried lol...well matey im off n hopefully one day we might get to meet! would love to work with u guys! WB XOXOXOXOXO

Post 09 Nov 2010 9:49 pm

Tuesday 06/27/2006 12:29:00am
Name: Vanessa Ruane
City/Country: US
Comments: As a filmmaker, you've put a piece of your life into your project. It's time, money, heart, soul....When you come out of the editing room and promote its, you're so close to becoming huge, you're not sure if you've just created the next Academy Award winning short film or put the exclamation point on the end of your filmmaking career. But to us fans you have made a difference too. Thank God there's EJs Films!

Tuesday 06/27/2006 12:11:51am
Name: Jessi
City/Country: Perth Au
Comments: Hi John. I saw you in the video clip preview for Team Orion and you very cool! Your character is classic and historic.

Tuesday 06/27/2006 12:09:10am
Name: Kim
City/Country: ki
Comments: Hi! I was on Google and a advertisement appeared with this site on it. So I thought id look it up in Google and I noticed your num1. I know how hard it is to make it to the top of Google because I’m still even trying now and my site is all payed for to get there but it still sits at the bottom of the list. :( Keep up the good work John .

Saturday 06/24/2006 6:16:42pm
Name: Peter
Comments: Hi John! Nice stuff dude!

Saturday 06/24/2006 6:16:41pm
Name: David O'conner
Comments: John u rule! saw u in the film and its grand! i like how u fight in the movie. keep up the work!

Post 09 Nov 2010 9:49 pm

Thursday 06/22/2006 7:07:14pm
Name: Greg
Comments: Congratulations John well done. It looks like you guys are really cool and successful.

Thursday 04/27/2006 9:00:35pm
Name: Sarah
City/Country: Canada
Comments: Hi john. I have only seen you in that film so I’m sorry I don’t know much about you but then you must be prity cool to work with ej.

Support you all the way and keep up the good work.

Thursday 04/27/2006 2:07:25pm
Name: Teryl
E-Mail: -
City/Country: adelaide
Comments: Thank You

Wednesday 03/29/2006 9:37:13am
Name: Jessica
City/Country: USA
Comments: Hayz John!!! I like'd your Charictor J pontaphone... You did an amazeing job just like Edward. keep up the good work and i gues that you and Edward will be returning in the next Team Orion thingy! Thats going to be something to see.

Wednesday 03/22/2006 2:13:26pm
Name: Jack
City/Country: USA
Comments: Hi John... You seem to be the kind of guy that likes adventures... well i hope to see ur first adventures feature.

Post 09 Nov 2010 9:50 pm

Monday 03/20/2006 11:32:20am
Name: Steve
Comments: Ur like so luky to be able to make films. Yu rule mate.

Tuesday 10/18/2005 3:39:30pm
Name: Sharon (:)-<-<
Comments: I found this site link that took me to this website.. The link said that the following site i was on was powered by EJs Films... and i have seen many sites with this on them... all of which looks great because of your help most probably.

Thanks for keeping the best standards.

Friday 05/06/2005 12:46:35am
Name: aimee
City/Country: adelaide
Comments: poor you, edward gets all the attention buts dont worry, its only because hes soo good keep up the good work and you will get the chix ;o)

Saturday 02/26/2005 10:28:48pm
Name: kara
City/Country: adelaide
Comments: hey john i love ur work keep it up and happy birthday for tha otha week. u and edward make a great team id love 2 meet u sum day. love kara

Wednesday 02/16/2005 11:41:39am
Name: Jess
Comments: Hay, John. can you remember me... probably not... look at you, you've done so well. keep it up!

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