Director Edward Jeffries (Guest Book)

Post 09 Nov 2010 8:40 pm

Director Edward Jeffries (Guest Book)

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Post 09 Nov 2010 8:55 pm

Sunday 01/11/2009 3:29:01am
Name: Rita
City/Country: Adelaide, South Australia
Comments: Great Site Edward!! You certainly have a lot of Gals chasing you!! Your site sure is very impressive. You have a lot of good qualifications, too. Keep up the Great Work, Edward!!

Sunday 08/24/2008 10:20:34pm
Name: Jamie Hilton
City/Country: Australia, NSW
Comments: How much more larger could your website get? Its so incredible how much you offer to the world for just a filming company! So congratulations! Guys!

Wednesday 08/20/2008 1:51:40am
Name: jenne potter
City/Country: Reading, UK

I hope u hav a fantastic day on ur 21st birthday.

luv jenne x

Wednesday 08/20/2008 1:31:53am
Name: Roisin
City/Country: Ireland
Comments: Heeeeey (:
Just wanna wish you a happy birthday.
And let you know that I love you! =]


Wednesday 08/20/2008 1:10:56am
Name: Stacy H.
City/Country: USA
Comments: You’re a worthy friend……. I don’t know why any1 wouldn’t want to be a friend of yours, let alone not know you. As you’re such a wonderful person! Best wishes for your 21st 4 this month!
Stacy H.

Post 09 Nov 2010 8:56 pm

Tuesday 04/01/2008 5:43:16pm
Name: MiSs SaRaH
City/Country: Brisbane, Australia
Comments: i love how ur always there when i need you the most. that you never give up and always stick by me when im down! thanks
xxxx sarah xxx

Tuesday 04/01/2008 4:27:59am
Name: Codie
City/Country: England
Comments: Hey there.
id just like to say ur a great guy, and always no how to cheer me up and always say the right things! U may be a flirt but thats one of ur great qualities :D. I enjoy talkin to you and ur just overall awesome! Your great at your job too as ive seen ur vidz and there fantastic. Anyway that all i gotta say so byeee xxxx

Wednesday 01/09/2008 5:38:07am
Name: Sinead
City/Country: UK
Comments: Hey just seen the pictures you did for me....i mean wow they are really great thanks!! you did a gd job :) speak 2 ya soon!xXx

Thursday 11/15/2007 3:55:24pm
Name: Josh
City/Country: Australia
Comments: I remember when you were just a beginner with ideas no one else expected you to accomplish! You sure have made it into the top list of filmmakers with your own great work! Us fans are waiting for your next big hit movie so don’t keep us all waiting too long! By the way I also noticed your web counter only counts page visits for that one page only. Your site must reach a hell of a lot of hits on the over entire site. I estimate about 25000 so well done!

Tuesday 10/23/2007 12:58:53am
Name: Jason Nevens
City/Country: US
Comments: Congratulations Edward I hear your movie team orion was announced that it had been viewed by more than 2 million people worldwide. shows your company has come a long way!

Post 09 Nov 2010 8:58 pm

Sunday 10/14/2007 7:00:02pm
Name: Frank Smith
City/Country: New York America
Comments: Great site! u sure have done well!

Thursday 08/02/2007 1:20:50am
Name: Tegan
E-Mail: Tiger1991rules@wouldntyouliketoknw!com
City/Country: Canada
Comments: Hay Edward. I couldn’t help laugh when you told me people thought your birthday was on the first of august. Happy birthday for this month sweetie. Guess those people need to check out where they get their info from and should get it directly from this site! All the same happy birthday for when ever it is!

Tegan xoxox

Thursday 03/29/2007 12:30:42am
Name: Emilie
City/Country: For me to no, and you to find out
Comments: Haya !!! Have fun ! don't be supit doing so . Live life to the full and remeber that there is always something great around the block ! You will never go rong

Saturday 02/10/2007 11:04:35pm
Name: Graham Morris
City/Country: AUSTRALIA
Comments: Edward Fantastic Website very impressive

Would be GR8 2 B involved with EJ's Films


Tuesday 12/05/2006 7:02:42pm
Name: Kathy
City/Country: Adelaide Australia
Comments: Can i just say i am a friend of teryl's and she would kill me for this but i have to. could you please stop talking about them. She wants to be friends with him but while people are still talking about them she doesnt really like it. so if you want him to be happy lay off the gossip.

oh and edward i listened to your cd and i think it's awsome and i think if teryl ever heard it she would be flattered.

Post 09 Nov 2010 8:59 pm

Sunday 12/03/2006 2:05:55pm
Name: Zac Higgens
Comments: sure was good!
wonder what is the next movie their going to make?

Tuesday 11/28/2006 11:58:10am
Name: Sarah
City/Country: Au
Comments: omg > just listen to your new music single sample and I really loved that second song. I guess its titled teryl after all its sung like its for a girl. wish i was who eva she was.
she's lucky those words shows true love.
!Well done!

Saturday 10/28/2006 11:04:45pm
Name: Phil M. Johnson
City/Country: U.S.A
Comments: Great Website! What a Movie! Just saw the video previews and I think this Company is cool!

Monday 08/28/2006 8:22:25pm
Name: Samantha
City/Country: Australia, SA
Comments: EJ your a real gentleman with style and fame but most of all you have a strong goodness with you. keep up the good work!!
BTW you get a lot of girls posting here so it proves as much that you’re a nice guy and it seems that you also have a lot of male fanz that want to be ether like you or like your style.

Friday 08/25/2006 1:51:32am
Name: Princess Dallas-Ashley
City/Country: ADELAIDE!
Comments: heya prince charming heehe..well its ur princess r u?mm just sendign u some love n a big big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! xoxox birthday hugs n kisses well keep in touch n hopefull ill see u!xoxo

Post 09 Nov 2010 8:59 pm

Thursday 08/24/2006 6:43:18pm
Name: maddi/madeleine
City/Country: australia
have a wounderful time on this special day, and may many of your future plans become a reality as you deserve it.

best wishes and all the best
from your friend ... maddi/madeleine

Saturday 08/05/2006 9:26:31pm
Name: Simone
City/Country: adelaide
Comments: I've been watching your work from afar for years...And I like what I see!

Saturday 08/05/2006 2:31:18am
Name: Bec.B
City/Country: Adelaide
Comments: well,well,well ej u never told me how man chiks write in ur guest book.Such a shame ppl dnt no who Iam either but oh well life goes on I guess. So u ave heaps ov chiks sayin dat dey love u but i bet none ov dem mean it lyk I do look...ur better off wif sum1 else.N hope ur life goes good!!!!!!!!!Love Bec xxoo ps I will never 4get u ej

Friday 07/14/2006 4:06:56am
Name: dallas
Comments: aii how r u? wow havnt spoken to u in ages have u been bussy! lol im watching the movie SNATCH n thought of u lol! well anyhting exticing happening aii n when are we catching up aii! i want some of that pizza u had lol! also when are u going to take some film of me lol! shits and giggles jsut joking lol! well get back to me i miss our chats xoxo mwahh! oh n guys if i wrong about sophie cool! but ths new chicks souds alright to! hehe go team! oh do u still even remember me

Tuesday 06/27/2006 12:29:02am
Name: Vanessa Ruane
City/Country: US
Comments: As a filmmaker, you've put a piece of your life into your project. It's time, money, heart, soul....When you come out of the editing room and promote its, you're so close to becoming huge, you're not sure if you've just created the next Academy Award winning short film or put the exclamation point on the end of your filmmaking career. But to us fans you have made a difference too. Thank God there's EJs Films!

Post 09 Nov 2010 9:00 pm

Tuesday 06/27/2006 12:07:19am
Name: Kim
City/Country: KI
Comments: Hi! I was on Google and an advertisement appeared with this site on it. So I thought id look it up in Google and I noticed your num1. I know how hard it is to make it to the top of Google because I’m still even trying now and my site is all payed for to get there but it still sits at the bottom of the list. :(

by the sounds of what people are talking about here it sounds like who ever the girl you people are talking about is extremely lucky to be with this filming guy. Well hell yer! This site rocks and she is fortunate to have such a hot looking guy! And popular too looking at all these submissions.

Tuesday 06/27/2006 11:49:26am
Name: West vs East ~ aka Johnny O’fiy
City/Country: Australia NSW
Comments: Hi man. Whaz up dude ~ Remember me ~ Waz this about a girl ~ I bet shez better than that sophi chic. Its good to hear that ua still out thera making the movies and music. Also thanx man for helpin out with my career and getting me to where I am nowz within the photo business. I just got my photos awarded! all Thanx 2 ua

Monday 06/26/2006 11:44:46am
Name: Samantha is back!
E-Mail: :- I forgot to add -:
City/Country: Australia
Comments: Ej is such a gentleman that I bet this teryl girl is loving it
he’s every girls dream!! And I bet she dozent know how many girls he has had to choose from and he chooses her! If I were her id hold onto him very tightly.

ej I hope she loves you not caz all of this film stuff but for who you are!

Monday 06/26/2006 11:38:34am
Name: Samantha
E-Mail: **Wouldn’t you like 2 Know**
City/Country: Want 2 find out then e-mail me ^
Comments: Are you for real! Dam it because ej is like my dream guy. Everyone say he’s nice and extreamly caring and by the sounds of the things he writes is also affectionate! Edward You are extreamly sweet and nice. Don’t change yourself for anyone! Not even for another girl!

Sunday 06/25/2006 10:54:26pm
Name: James
City/Country: Canada
Comments: Its all true!!!! There are no lies about it. Edward did indeed go out with a girl called Terly. I have been talking to her and she is extremely nice or though I really think they would be quite nice together.

It looks like many of you also agree that they should be together if Edward likes her in such a way that he dose and that if she likes him then they should be but I think it comes down to other people getting involved that has made them both problems and I think ppl should just leave them alone for they do like each other from what I can see via Edwards comments that you have pointed out that he has placed on his website and from what I have spoken about to Teryl. So this Teryl girl didn’t lie about who she was!

I’m sorry but I wont be giving out her address for those that ask.

Post 09 Nov 2010 9:01 pm

Thursday 06/22/2006 7:07:34pm
Name: Jay Marshell
Comments: Wow... look at all the girls posts here.

looks like ejs got some girly fans. and whats this talk about some girl who is she and did she really go out with ej shes luck if she did and if he loved her then she sould stay with him.

Wednesday 06/21/2006 5:41:06pm
Name: Luke t little
Comments: hi edward. great website. I was told you created some of the games on the team orion site. that’s like so cool. i have seen the preview and goin to get the film

Wednesday 06/21/2006 3:52:06pm
Name: kylie Peterson
City/Country: O'sy
Comments: Kule thats not nice what if she did really like him caz it sounds like ej liked her. maybe ppl sould stop talking about her. mainly because this girl who ever she is. Is extremely lucky to have been with edward!

Wednesday 06/21/2006 3:04:31pm
Name: Kule
City/Country: James Town
Comments: Greg Hammond y would she want to do that? oh yes popularity. Seen that before with other girls here. It looks like all they want is Edward’s fame and other things. That’s all she probably wanted.. and that’s why she posted what she did here.

Monday 06/19/2006 1:32:15pm
Name: Greg Hammond
E-Mail: __HI__
City/Country: USA
Comments: Wow it looks like Edward's got a lot of fans but what’s this stuff about Teryl. Who is she, dose anyone know? Why are people talking about her here after all this is Edwards guest book and what if its just some girl saying she went out with him. Who knows it could be someone lying to make them self look cool.

Post 09 Nov 2010 9:02 pm

Monday 06/19/2006 11:44:58am
Name: Frank Harp
City/Country: America
Comments: Hi Director Edward Jeffries! I got your movie and its cool. I wish I could be in your team. You like totally rock! Hay what’s this stuff about a girl on this coments page isn’t it suposa ta be about Edward here and not other girls?

Nice work and great site!

Sunday 06/18/2006 1:30:26am
Name: Rachel Uern
City/Country: Australia VIC
Comments: yes Zac your not wrong. 1. Edward advisedly likes Teryl or he wouldn’t have mentioned it but then on the other hand yes -2. no human is perfect but ant it up to edward to decide if she’s perfect. Because even the perfect person will have faults.

Sunday 06/18/2006 1:23:21am
Name: Zac Marshell
City/Country: Darwin
Comments: I just watched team Orion and its great.

My favorite character was Captain Hanson because he died with honor. But you should have seen Ed in action. He’s character comes across as a great leader and a true hero. I hope Colonel Peter Jackson ends up finding that girl he was talking about because I presume he really misses her.

How Edward, where you able to come up with such a successful and great storyline with brand new original concepts?

Hay I also took a look at those pages you where talking about on here and your precise Edward has really displayed within words about how much he likes this girl. The only thing is he talks as if she was really perfect when no one really is.

Sunday 06/18/2006 1:09:29am
Name: Samantha
City/Country: Australia
Comments: Hay your dead right about that. ej likes this other girl named Teryl but it looks like something is happening because he goes on about losing her even when he still loves her. Who ever she is no offence ej but she’s not worth even talking about if you like her and she’s not going to be there for you. Its really sad if ejs not happy just all because of one girl. If I was her I would know how extremely lucky I would be. Dallis you are also right about the amount of girl posts here and how many like him but from what it looks like once again no offence ej but he’s very choosey when it comes down to girls but then he would have to be. Who ever that girl is she’s so lucky.

Sunday 06/18/2006 0:48:54am
Name: Sarah Willis
City/Country: CALI
Comments: Actually Dallas Edward had a thing for Sophie a long time ago and that’s over now for if you read his history page you will find that he has written some really lovely stuff about a girl called Terly.

You should read the poem stuff too. he has dedicated to Teryl. Its extremely romantic and sounds like he really loves her.

Post 09 Nov 2010 9:02 pm

Friday 06/09/2006 3:20:48pm
Name: Dallas
City/Country: Adelaide
Comments: well umm wow you seem to have alot of people in love with you! g wiz umm not sure what to say hey but maybe hey thats if u remember me! well i dont know what to think but u seem like an alright chap! and why did u start talking to me the other night just curios!well yer k! well i see u must really like this sophie girl and i think thats really good so good luck! xoxo

Friday 04/28/2006 11:13:27pm
Name: kate luwes
City/Country: USA
Comments: Those were sweet worlds you wrote in your history page Edward. It sounds like you are a real compassionate gentleman. Keep up the good work!

Thursday 04/27/2006 8:57:06pm
Name: Sarah
City/Country: Canada
Comments: oh... how cute... Edward must have really loved that girl to permit all that stuff on his site. I mean it definitely seems like he has deep feelings for her he never did anything like that for that other girl.What was her name again?

I only wish there where more guys like Edward out there because maybe the world would just for one day spin in peace.

Edward I’m a huge fan and I cant wait until you come back again for another music gig.
Support you all the way EJ!

Thursday 04/27/2006 6:13:27pm
Name: M.T. Crayeum
City/Country: Dungeedan
Comments: Hi EJ's Flashy page!

Thursday 04/27/2006 2:03:57pm
Name: Firefly Girl
E-Mail: -
City/Country: Adelaide
Comments: It's me again, Firefly Girl.
Since I am no longer going to be putting infomation on the internet about the relationship of Edward and Teryl. It is time I told you all who i am.
I am Teryl Overton I pretended to be someone else because 1 wanted to know what people thought of me while they didn't know i was listening. I want to thank Edward for going along with it and to say Good Bye To Everyone this will be my last message.
It was fun while it lasted but now it's time to go. For one can not dwell in the past they should look to the future.
So good bye all, may all your dream come true.

Signed Your Good Gossip Friend Teryl Overton also known as Firefly Girl.

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